Is your busy life getting the better of you?

Learn how to take a step back from our busy world.

Raw beauty queen Kemi Nekvapil shows us how to find your focus in a the fast-paced modern world.

 “I am so busy.” “I am so stressed.” “I am so exhausted.”
Have you said any of these phrases, or something similar, in the last 48 hours? If your answer is “yes”, I have some questions for you.

  • Are you busy doing fulfilling, life-affirming activities?
  • Are you stressed because you are following your life’s purpose?
  • Are you exhausted because you are fighting the good fight?
  • Life will always bring to us challenges, setbacks, obstacles, and the occasional full-blown crisis, but these are easier to overcome if we are focusing on the right things.
  • Are you focusing on the right things?
  • Are your days filled with a sense of purpose and possibility, or are your days filled with “I must” and “I should”?

Most people profess that they do not have time for the things that they really want to be doing, but the reality is we all have exactly the same amount of time, and there are many people who are doing what they want to be doing with their lives.

These people are clear on what they want to be doing or want to be having in the first place and have then set about letting go of the ‘stuff’ that clouds that clarity.
Do you want a passionate relationship, a purposeful career, to travel, to make a difference?

Look at what you are doing now; is it aligned with what you truly want for your life?

Here is a simple but powerful coaching exercise that you can do for yourself right now.

Take a piece of paper and list your three biggest dreams or desires. Now look at your day tomorrow and see if there are any actions you will be taking that are in alignment with your hopes, dreams and desires. If you are taking regular action in the direction of your dreams, keep going. If you are not taking any actions towards your dreams and desires, it is time to make some room for them.

Momentum makes all the difference: start small if you need to, just one action a day, but keep up the momentum and you will be on the path to creating what you really want from life.
Exhaustion, stress and busyness are perfect bridges between what we have and what we want.

They can illuminate for us what we do not want and force us to stop and make those hard decisions, or they can be the perfect excuses for not doing anything at all.
Getting clear on what we want and where we are going, and getting rid of all the other stuff, not only lessens our stress, exhaustion and busyness, but it also allows mental space to create more, be more, give more and dream more.

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