6 hangover cures

Preparation is key!

Preparation is always the key to a milder hangover. By taking the time to prepare, you are setting yourself up for success, writes Summah O'Donnell.

1. Prepare vitamin waters

Before leaving for your event, take the time to prepare a batch of homemade vitamin water. This is one litre of purified water with herbs and fruits added. A popular mix that is ideal for detoxification is mint, a whole sliced lemon and sliced cucumber, and let it steep overnight in a glass jar.

2. Have a meal ready for when you get home
How often do you find yourself arriving home ravenous and reaching for takeaway?

Having a meal ready and waiting for you will stop the unhealthy binge.

Salads with roasted vegetables, boiled eggs, or homemade curries are ideal.

3. Choose a light breakfast
Preparing a breakfast early will save you the trouble of figuring out what to eat when you have a sore head and upset tummy.

Chia seed pudding is light, nutritious and easy on the stomach. Take one tablespoon of chia seeds and soak in two cups of nut milk overnight in the fridge. Top with banana to replenish potassium and to soothe the digestive tract and a handful of goji berries. Sprinkle on your favourite superfoods and you will have a gentle meal to begin the day with.

4. Pack supplies
Most of us have space in our purses for a case of nuts and goji berries. In medieval times, almonds were valued for their supposed virtue in preventing intoxication and Goji berries contain cerebrosides, which studies have shown to protect liver cells.

When food is consumed with alcohol, absorption is slowed as meals leave the stomach at a decreased rate. When alcohol is consumed on an empty stomach, the alcohol is absorbed at a faster rate. By taking some nuts and berries, this will ensure that you always have something to snack on no matter what limited options are available.

5. Pack coconut water
Coconut water contains many minerals and nutrients that are essential to human health. This will give you something different to drink between beverages and will help to replenish lost vitamins. Coconut water is extremely rehydrating, and delicious with ice and some mint.

6. Try peppermint
Drinking water between each alcoholic beverage is ideal, but can taste bland. Taking peppermint tea bags in your purse and popping one into your water will give you a refreshing drink. Some people find that just like after cleaning their teeth, they have less desire to binge eat or drink and the pungent peppermint tea works on the same principles.
But if you would really like to avoid a hangover, a guaranteed way is to avoid alcohol! Instead, try the mocktail recipes on these pages for some healthy, summer sipping alternatives. 

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