5 ways to control your emotions

Jade de Souza offers some advice

Take responsibility for your thoughts, feelings and behaviour with our top 5 tips.

1. Empower yourself
Do you feel like a victim to your negative experiences? You are, only if you give up your power to another person or to the experience itself. Instead, empower yourself. Take responsibility for your thoughts, your feelings and your behaviour remembering that you are not hopeless and have a choice of what to do next.

2. Take care of yourself
When you are caught up in a moment, you might forget to breathe correctly, drink adequate amounts of water, eat and get a good night’s sleep. Try not to let your reaction to a situation grow bigger as it churns in your mind, allowing yourself to forget about your basic needs.

3. Put it in perspective
Your reaction is likely disproportionate to the problem. So ask yourself, ‘Will this experience drastically change my life?’ or ‘Is this worth giving up my serenity?’

4. Check your expectations
Do you have expectations of people and situations based on what you want to happen rather than what is likely to happen? Do you not take into consideration what other people desire? Assess your expectations and you might find they are self-centred and unreasonable.

5. Let it go
A single moment should not be bigger than your entire life experience. You have the choice to let it go. It’s not easy, but managing your overreactions can help you live a more balanced, peaceful and satisfying life.

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