10 ways to achieve work/life balance

Check where your life is headed

Life coach Geoff Edwards shares some tips on finding the right balance.

1. Visualize your ideal life and your values represented through your Life Wheel - your goals and actions

2. Explore new options for success and share this with someone you trust i.e. a Life Coach

3. Pursue what you love passionately - own it and be disciplined in achieving what you truly desire

4. Simplify, slow down, observe your life and be in the present moment

5. Keep a journal - it will help you to stay focused on what is important to you on a regular basis

6. When confronted with a choice, ask yourself: Will this add to my life or create more stress?

7. Let go of people, things and stressful situations that are not serving you well

8. Be grateful for everything in your life each day

9. Set your intention and actions each day in relation to your goals and watch it materialize.

10. Create healthy boundaries – the more you say yes to yourself and no to the people and activities that drain you, the more balanced your life will become.

Geoff Edwards is an Internationally accredited Life Coach with over 25 years coaching experience, who can support you on your journey to success with results that last. He is author of The Success Coach and can be contacted through www.geoffedwards.net

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