4 ways to cope in the workplace

Strategies to cope with your 9-to-5 job woes.

So you've figured out your dream job and you know it will take time, so you have to make a living during this time. KATE TOHOLKA shares 4 ways to thrive and survive in your current job.

This means staying in your current job or finding a new temporary job. Either way, it’s a ‘bridge job’ – a term coined by Marie Forleo. A bridge job keeps your bank account happy while you pursue your dream career.

As necessary as it may be, it’s not always the greatest thing. For starters, you may absolutely detest your current employment.
Sure, you could just throw it all in in one big, brave swoop and create or find your dream job straight away. That takes guts and I take my hat off to the brave souls who do that. But for a lot of people, that’s a little too scary. Mortgages, bills, partners, kids and your parents blowing smoke are pretty big obstacles to that grand dream.
So, back to reality. We need to survive (and try to thrive) in our current jobs. Here’s my top four suggestions for making your 9-to-5 more manageable.

I hear this isn’t easy in all fields but if you can, reduce your hours. Life really is too short to be spending 40+ hours a week in a soul-sucking job. Cutting back your hours will give you a chance to pursue your dream job while still having the cosy cushion of a regular payday.

Your big ‘why’ is the reason behind everything you do. The very things that make you tick. Unfortunately, your current job doesn’t make you tick. But, it might just be preparing you for your dream job. Consider how your role is preparing you – for example, maybe that challenging client is preparing you to mentor inspiring business owners by improving your communication skills.

So your workplace is a big dump of negativity. Well, don’t just accept it, do something about it. Be the one who injects positivity into the office. Create a fun lunchtime activity or ask a colleague to join you on a short walk. Add feel-good and funny photos around the place. Give the receptionist a bouquet of flowers. Inject your positivity and see it flourish around you.

Our energy can fade like a bullet when we are in soul-sucking jobs. So take extra care to look after yourself on the days you work. Even if that means taking an extra break, having an extra-long shower, or even taking a day off (mental health days are so worth it). Nourish your wellbeing so you are strong enough to cope with your job.

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