How to kickstart your creative career

Your path to creativity.

Naomi Morrow shows us how to pinpoint your creativity and how to live a life full of passion.

Identify your creative passions: take a course, find a mentor and align your creative career with your skills and values.

Change your environment: surround yourself with supportive people and make adjustments with your current work to support your transition.

Walk the talk: do one small thing every day that brings you closer to your goal.

Engage in self-reflection: write in a journal, practise yoga, or walk in nature.

Keep yourself inspired: read different genres of books, visit art galleries and listen to all kinds of music.

Connect with your playful nature: choose a children’s picture book that you like, pick one page and respond to it in a creative way by drawing a picture, making a collage or writing a poem.

Make your own affirmations: create phrases that are unique, positive and in the present tense.

Create a vision board: compose a board of inspirational images and quotes, and write what you want to feel like when you are in a creative career.

Practise mindfulness meditation:sit for a few minutes and focus on your breath to help you stay calm and balanced.

Read the full article Pursuing a creative career in the October to November edition of Australian Natural Health Magazine.

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