2 reasons you crave processed fat

These might surprise you!

We show you how to combat fatty food cravings

1. Low bank balance

When your bank balance plummets, a recent study for the University of Miami suggests your scales will do the opposite.

“When people were primed with words like ‘deprivation’, they unconsciously tried to compensate by selecting high-kilojoule foods that would ensure their survival in case of a shortage,” a study by co-author Dr Anthony Salerno says.

Try adding ‘get finances back on track’ to your resolution list and you might just find ‘eat better’ naturally follows.

2. Lack of sleep

 Do you crave a less-than-healthy breakfast after a poor night’s sleep? Stopping on the way to work to grab a cheesy toasted croissant?According to the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, the brain’s sensitivity to food and its yummy rewards is heightened without adequate rest, sending you on a junk food binge.

To counter this effect, take some time out for a midday power nap.

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