Diabetes can be a debilitating condition, but fortunately, there are many ways to effectively manage it. Phoenix Arrien goes in search of the natural alternatives.
Type 2 diabetes is Australia's fastest growing chronic disease. Learn how to manage it with the help of natural treatments.
We live in an age where the easiest solution for a headache is to simply pop a pill. Yet countless studies warn of the side effects of over-the-counter drugs, and ironically, painkiller overuse is the third most common cause of headaches.
Debbie Willimott goes in search of alternative headache busters that treat more than just the symptom.
For a woman who wants a baby, there is no off switch to deactivate the longing. Sadly, however, one in six Australian couples are affected by infertility – 20 per cent of whom are considered unexplained.
The good news, as Diana Timmins discovers, is that there are an abundance of stress-free, natural therapies that can help.
When we think of sugar and the foods containing it, we tend to think of a treat. A chocolate biscuit with a cup of tea, an ice cream on a hot summers day, a slice of birthday cake or a cold, refreshing can of soda.
We don’t so much consider, that refined sugars are present in large amounts in many of the foods we consume on a daily basis. Liz Nowosad looks a little deeper into the implications of high sugar levels on our health.
Bones are living, dynamic, interacting organs of the human organism that do more than provide skeletal support. They are continually breaking down and building up.
The trick to having strong bones, explains Naturopath, Sally Mathrick, is to ensure that the rate of breaking down doesn’t exceed the rate of rebuilding.
Energise body, mind and spirit with this dynamic standing yoga sequence
Do all the postures on the right side first (ie: right foot facing forward), staying in each posture for about five breaths and moving from posture to posture with the in and out breath. Then do the left side. Always breathe through the nose and only
Sometimes fashion comes with a price greater than the tag
We walk about 128,000kms in our lifetime – the equivalent of three times around the world – and for the fashion-driven woman, a lot of those steps are spent clunking around precariously in high heels, stilettos and platforms. But what is this doing t
Which way to go?
Amber Wilson explains the pros and cons of conventional pain killers and the natural alternatives available.
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