Simple steps to living stress free

Try these 3 simple ideas for reducing stress

When it comes to your health, we have to stress the importance of keeping stress at bay!

When you’re stressed, you’re more susceptible to experiencing migraines, muscle tension and insomnia – not to mention irritable and snappy moods. Here are a few handy tips that will have you stressing less:
Have a 'happy thought'
Peter Pan had the right idea - when things go off track, try to occupy your mind with thoughts that evoke happy memories or laughter. Doing this will lift your mood, give you an energy boost and trick your body into thinking all is well, which as a result it will be!
It sounds easy, but many of us underestimate the importance of our breathing cycles. Balanced breathing patterns can clear the mind and help boost the body’s energy to reduce tension and anxiety. Concentrate on your breathing pattern by inhaling deeply, holding your breath and exhaling. This will help you to control your stress through relaxation and optimise the flow of oxygen and blood throughout your body.
Visualise yourself in a tranquil place – by doing this, you’ll be able to take your mind and soul to a peaceful haven where external stressors around you are not present. You can rejuvenate and recuperate your mind, calming your body and recharging the energy needed to deal with the stressor.
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