Lola Berry: How nutrition changed my life

"I felt like a better version of myself and it was all the result of simply eating good food”

Today, Lola Berry is a nutritionist, author, wellness blogger, wholefoods advocate and self-confessed health nut, but her own health and wellbeing has had is fair share of ups and downs.

 As a young, 20-something fun-seeker, who was then studying a Bachelor of Performing Arts, Lola was burning the candle at both ends. And soon, her wellbeing began to pay the price: she was undernourished, unhappy with her weight, and totally underwhelmed with her health.

“I was a bit of a party girl,” she laughs. “I was working as a DJ and partying five nights a week. I wasn’t really into health or nutrition.”

But somewhere deep down Lola knew she wasn’t living her passion and, after a while, fate intervened.

“I had a crush on a boy, so I decided to go on a summer detox to look good in a bikini,” she laughs. “I quickly noticed I felt better, had more energy, my eyes were clearer, skin glowed and I just felt healthier."

She became obsessed with superfoods and fascinated by the powerful impact diet has on mind, body and spirit. Her love for nutrition and food quickly blossomed into a fully fledged passion and Lola decided she wanted to be the “Steve Irwin of fruits and vegies”.

And she has also made it her mission ever since to debunk the myths that good health – and good food – are boring, limiting and expensive.

“The proof is in the pudding,” she says. “If you eat good food, you feel awesome. If you eat junk, you feel like junk. Food is meant to nourish you. When you pick up a product at the supermarket and the ingredients list reads like you’re in a year 12 chemistry class, it’s probably going to outlive you; that can’t be good for you. It’s not about buying expensive ingredients, it’s just about eating real food.”

You can read more about Lola Berry on her website

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