How to deal with bad breath

It could be as simple as a trip to the dentist!

Dr. McCoy and naturopath Caroline Robertson come to the rescue

Q. I’ve got really bad breath that never seems to go away. How can I stop it?

Dr. McCoy: “The most likely cause of this all-too-common problem is dental decay. So fixing the problem is often as simple as a trip to the dentist. For some people, brushing twice a day just isn’t enough, so use mouthwashes and add flossing and tongue cleaning to your dental routine.”  

Caroline Robertson: “Halitosis can come from the teeth, tonsils or stomach. A dentist can diagnosis if the odour is teeth related; a doctor can test for helicobacter pylori which is a smelly stomach bacteria. Gargling and drinking chlorophyll, eating manuka honey and a probiotic may be beneficial.”

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