Food swaps to combat bloating

3 ways to beat the bloat

Simple food swaps that can help you feel better!

Swap: packaged bread for sourdough

Supermarket bread is highly processed and packed with a list of harmful ingredients. Sourdough is made using an ancient culture and nothing else but water, salt and flour. It is full of beneficial bacteria and enzymes and is easier to tolerate than processed breads.

Swap: Raw nuts for soaked nuts

The phytic acid in raw nuts can cause bloating and inhibit digestion. Activated nuts – those soaked in water overnight – encourage the production of beneficial enzymes and the absorption of nutrients including B vitamins, calcium, magnesium and zinc.

Swap: Low-fat yoghurt for organic full-fat yoghurt

Low-fat yoghurts may contain probiotics, but any benefits are offset by the amount of sugar and artificial sweeteners these snacks contain. Small amounts of organic, full-fat yoghurt are loaded with unhindered probiotics and are, not to mention, delicious.

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