Fly without dehydration and jet lag

Janella Purchell answers your questions

"I’m heading overseas and wondered what are the best things to take to avoid dehydration on the plane and possible jet lag?"

Janella says: I use Lifestream’s Biogenic Aloe Vera Mist. This mist has natural moisturising and soothing properties, so will soothe, rehydrate and refresh dry and irritated skin. Follow this with a natural moisturiser.

Of course, keep your water intake up. Ask the flight attendant for a full 1.25 litre bottle as they tend to only fill up your glass once or twice and only a splash when they do.

For the potential jet lag, take melatonin. This hormone gets all messed up when we go overseas (or do shift work). This will need to be perscribed by your doctor, or it is available homeopathically and this works just as well for most people.

You can also use bush flower essences specifically for travel, so look out for these at your health food store.


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