Discovering your inner self

Plug into your soul's passion and purpose.

Gabor Bukovinszky shares her breathing awareness exercise for self-realisation and relaxation.

1. Find a comfortable seated position in a chair or on a cushion with hips higher than knees; spine extended, body relaxed, eyes closed.
    2. Relax the mind and body by focusing on your breath for a few minutes; each inhale and exhale being four to five counts.
    3. As you settle further into relaxation, your thoughts will start slowing down. When you become consciously aware of your mind wandering, keep returning to the breath.
    4. Sit with this for five minutes longer and then ask yourself: ‘Who am I?’

“Your mind will search for an answer through movement, like: ‘I am this body, I am a mother.’ This comes from theego, which needs to provide rational answers – but if we can observe it, we cannot be it. All answers from the mind must be negated by: I am not this, nor that,” explains Bukovinszky.

“Eventually, all answers are exhausted and we are left with silence.

Our rational mind relaxes as the heart space opens; allowing us to feel the answer rather than think it. Our heart space tells us who we are if we are able to listen.”

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