9 ways to find your intention

When things get a little cloudy, here's how to find your purpose.

Emma Palmer of Moksha Yoga shows us how to find your true intention to achieve your goals.

1. Ask yourself what your true purpose is. What is your deepest calling? And keep asking until the answer makes itself known and be aware that it will show itself in ways you least expect.

2. If you don’t feel the fire in your belly for a particular goal, simply start by following what you’re curious about and the clarity will come.

3. Allow yourself time to make quiet your mind through meditation; this will help to turn inwards and connect to a deeper place of truth and wisdom.

4. Rather than asking yourself, “What’s in it for me?”, ask how humanity can benefit from your goal in order for your intention to come from an authentic space without ego.

5. Allow mindfulness to generate a practice of being conscious of your day-to-day actions, reactions, interactions and desires.

6. Others will be able to reflect back to you the areas within yourself that are inspiring and make you feel most alive, so ask those who you trust for their ideas and inspiration.

7. Persevere with your process of self-inquiry and don’t give up. Rome wasn’t built in a day.

8. Once you have connected to an intention that motivates the goal, visualise your goal coming into fruition; as you visualise, you materialise!

9. Recognise that the fact you are here, right now and at this time, matters! Honour your authentic path, and follow your calling to fulfil your purpose.

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