5 stress management tips from Nat Kringoudis

How to find your inner calm

Stress is a coping mechanism that increases our cortisol level and upsets hormone balance.

Here, Nat Kringoudis shares her top 5 tips for stress management.
1. Listen to your body 
Yesterday I had a grumpy day. I don’t have many of those but sometimes you have to surrender. I woke up and I was grumpy and I was tired and I started trying to push through. Then I thought ‘what am I doing that for?’, I actually just need to not. So I didn’t. It’s okay to have an off day every once in a while.


2. Create a support network

Building your tribe and finding people you really trust and who are on your team is so important. If someone is not aligned with your vision that’s their thing; it’s a reflection on you.


3. Exercise regularly

I exercise a couple of times a week and have regular chiropractic on my spine and for me that’s the winning formula. Find what works for you and do that.


4. Let go of the façade

We all have shopfronts, but living your truth is so important and you’re not going to be happy until you are. Keeping up a front is exhausting and not realistic. Sure we could all be nicer people sometimes but when we accept ourselves for who we are it takes us to a whole new level.


5. You are not the problem, you have it

You are not fat, you have fat; don’t be defined by your insecurities.

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