4 tips for starting a gratitude journal

Welcome prosperity into your life

Record thoughts of things you are grateful for and be happier, writes Janella Purcell.

As we know, ‘gratitude begets gratitude’, so starting this journal is a lovely idea to welcome prosperity into your life. Try these tips for starting your journal: 

1. Set yourself goals

Have the intention to write in your journal daily, but don’t be down on yourself if you don’t achieve this. Merely set it as your goal.

2. Use a book you love

Use or purchase a book that you love, and keep it somewhere safe and sacred. This is for your eyes only. Write down one thing daily that you are grateful for, and remember that what we take for granted, someone else is wishing for, so include things like strong nails, thick hair, an even temper, a healthy digestive tract, ability to sleep peacefully, strong body, a safe environment – that kind of thing.

3. Add photos

You could also add in images of things that you will be grateful for once they arrive – a loving relationship, less drama in your life, abundance, a healthy relationship with money, prosperity, an obvious and fulfilling career path, etc.

4. Destroy negative beliefs

Perhaps consider writing on a separate page what you feel is preventing you from achieving or receiving your goals. Get it all down, and then burn this page. The only thing standing in your way is negative beliefs, so destroy them. And keep this in mind – sometimes not getting your wish is the grandest stroke of good luck. Try to trust in the wisdom of the universe and in divine timing.

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