What are crystals and why are they important wellness/décor items for a room or living space?


What are crystals and why are they important wellness/décor items for a room or living space?

At an atomic level, our universe is in a constant state of vibration. Crystals are extremely good at holding a stable vibration due to their crystalline lattice structure. Us humans, on the other hand, are a very complex mix of vibrations that can easily be disturbed and become unbalanced which makes us sick and unwell. All kinds of things can affect our vibration, from external influences such as electromagnetic and geopathic stress, to internal ones such as constant negative thought patterns and suppressing emotions.

Placing crystals around me inspires me to create sacred spaces within my home. Once you place a crystal down, you automatically want to surround it with natural things like plants, books, incense and other natural objects that speak to it. These become conducive to getting into more mindful practices like journaling, yoga or meditation. I used to find it very hard to start to meditate. Just hopping on the bed or finding a comfortable space to start was a bridge so many people find difficult. Now I grab myself a tea and sit in my sacred space, burn an incense stick, then pick up, hold and gaze at my beautiful rocks. Crystals are like the gateway! I’ll pick one or two that represent what it is I’m looking to manifest that day and the rest flows super easily! Then I’m ready to meditate or write, or simply just be.

Different crystals and their benefits:

My top picks for crystals normally are those that make it into our permanent collection; the ‘Geo Gems’. We now have 6 perfectly cut geometric shaped crystals in this collection. They each come beautifully boxed with a printed card that highlights its key properties and associated Chakra. The box explains how to care for the crystal and what crystals and mindfulness is all about. Each crystal is cut with extreme attention to detail, ethically sourced, and engraved with our logo; this is assurance that the crystal is A-grade quality.

Clear Quartz, aka ‘Clearboy’ - The Master Healer:


‘Clear Boy’ Clear Quartz is a stone of purification, and it comes to life when it’s placed in a light-filled space. It’s a great amplifier of other stones too; people tend to use clear quartz to charge other crystals.

With our Geo Gem collection, we cut the Clear Boy into a dodecahedron so we could have as many facets on it as possible in order to let the light in. It’s monochromatic so it works in all decorative situations. It’s simply stunning and will accompany any other stone or any style in the home. And, it amplifies other stones.

Pyrite, aka ‘Captain Jack’ - The Stone of Good Luck:


Pyrite is a stone of abundance and good luck. It’s often referred to as ‘fool’s gold’ because it’s found alongside gold under the ground. It’s perceived that it will bring you fortune but really it needs to be held with the right intention. Crystals that represent prosperity only truly come into their own when we are selfless in our intentions. If we are to wish for something, we need to be giving back. That’s why it’s a sphere shape too; like the circle of life and as the saying goes, “the more you give, the more you get”. Prosperity doesn’t come full circle without being grateful for what you have.

Pyrite is a crystal that is for people trying to connect with their sexuality or access that passion or zest for life. Governed by the Sacral and Solar Plexus Chakras, it connects with your inner fire and enthusiasm, as well as gut happiness.

Amethyst, aka ‘Chevonica’ - The Stone of Calm


Chevronica Amethyst is the stone of calm. It’s really great for encouraging sleep and relaxation (ideal for those with Insomnia). This one’s a gem people are very much drawn to.

As the shape is a point, it is a great crystal to work with to feel the energy, especially if you are a beginner. You’ll feel crystal energy emanate from points before you would in spheres as the point is focused and the flow is more direct. Hold the point above your hand, close your eyes and shake gently toward the direction of your palm. If you are sensitive you may feel a little warm spot or tickle in the centre of your hand.

Unlike the more common amethyst which is quite transparent, our Chevronica Geo Gem has more of a pattern running through it that creates a chevron arrow. I decided to go with that over the more traditional amethyst for the collection because it’s unique. 

Smokey Quartz, aka ‘Ashy Diamond’ - The Ultimate Grounder:

Key properties: + Grounding + Balance +  Instinct  + Clarity + Strength

The Ashy Diamond is a grounding crystal. This crystal connects to the base chakra, and represents our foundation and the feeling of being grounded. It’s your go-to for clarity, strength and enlightenment. Smokey Quartz is known to help absorb negative energy and increase positive energy, helps you gain clarity and helps detoxify and aid in letting go of past hurt.

It’s cut with lots of faces because it refracts light just like clear quartz. It’s actually the most difficult shape to cut, which to me makes it extra special. Our Ashy Diamond is A-grade quality and is sourced from Brazil. Natural smokey quartz is becoming harder and harder to come by so it’s a very special addition to our collection indeed.  

Rose Quartz, aka ‘Love Triangle’ - The Stone of Love


Our ‘Love Triangle’ Rose Quartz symbolises universal love, inclusiveness and friendship, and is purposely shaped as a pyramid because of its equilateral sides. The Love Triangle is one of the first Geo Gems people start their crystal journey with because it’s accessible from a price perspective, and it’s universally loved (and emanates that feeling also).

It’s one of the stones we recommend people put in the centre of their home. By this, I mean not literally the centre of the home but the heart of the home or the centre of a space. For example, if it's placed on a shelf, it would sit in the middle. It’s about bringing people together and represents that feeling of inclusiveness.

Obsidian, aka ‘Black Hex’ - The Powerful Protector


Black Hex is a protection stone, and is known for its reflective qualities. It’s physically reflective and acts as a mirror into ones-self. This makes sense because it’s natural mineral make-up is actually molten lava or volcanic glass.

Connected to the Root Chakra, it governs our sense of security and foundation, and is a great stone to put as a protective energy near the entrance of the home. It’s a really modern and unique piece and a lot of our male customers have been known to put on their work desk as a paper weight.

What crystals should be used in what rooms, and why?

Crystals not only look beautiful when styled but also offer us a natural centrepiece to any living space that promotes balance and calm. Keeping a stone at the heart of your home is a constant reminder to decompress and take a mindful moment.

Here are some living spaces that crystals can play an integral part in:

Living Room

Clear crystals like Smokey Quartz and Clear Quartz can be ideal for open spaces where natural light comes through. This allows these particular crystals to capture the light and come alive! Crystals with asterism and/or flash are great when placed in sunlight also (Rose Quartz, Garnet and Moonstone). Also, because living/lounge rooms are where family and friends gather, Crystals such as Pink Amethyst, Garnet and Rose Quartz help to invoke friendship, love and family.


Crystals are more helpful to a workspace than people may imagine. They can act as natural ‘stress balls’ where you can hold and play with them as somewhat of a ‘brainstorming’ stone. When you’re feeling tense or stressed, use this stone to deflect the energy, quieten the mind and get creative when brainstorming new ideas. Crystals that help with communication (associated with the throat Chakra) are usually blue and green crystals such as Celestite, Labradorite and Fluorite. Consider also crystals that represent prosperity, good luck and diligence, like Tigers Eye, Pyrite and Aventurine.


Calming energy crystals such as Amethyst, Rose Quartz, Turquoise Calcite and Apophyllite symbolise peace and love, and help us to rest and relax our mind and body. They’re also beautiful and make a stunning decorative piece for your bedside table.


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