Is your stomach overly acidic?

You may need to cleanse your gut

Q. I often feel sick after eating acidic foods. How can I include these in my diet without experiencing any side effects?

Natural living expert Janella Purcell says: Most foods are acidic, so if you’re feeling sick often after eating, then it could be that your whole system is overly acidic. There are a few things you can do to rectify this.

The first is to reduce stress in your life. We hear this statement a lot but what does it actually mean to you? Make time to include more of whatever it is that brings joy into your life. This is so important. Try to do some gentle, outdoor exercise every day, and let your feet have direct contact with the earth – no shoes. If you live near the ocean or any body of water; get in it.

Also make sure you’re chewing your food properly. By this I mean chew each mouthful until it’s almost liquid. Yes, this takes some practice, but it will be of enormous benefit to your system.

Plus, do nothing else while you are eating, and I mean nothing. No phone, computer, reading – just sit and chew. Eat mindfully. To help get your gut into better condition, get yourself a strong probiotic from a health food store.

Ask for a multi-strained probiotic, and take the whole bottle. Aloe vera juice will help (on an empty tummy), as will eating less fruit, more cooked foods and eating very lightly in the evening. Basically give your gut a rest and let it heal itself – with a little help from you.

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