Is it worth doing a juice cleanse?

Expert Janella Purcell answers your FAQs

It’s a good idea to give your body a break now and then. I don’t mean an extreme detox, but just lighten the load a little

You can do this one day a week, a month, or even for a week at the beginning of each season. Juices are a lovely way to do this. 

Eat nothing on this day but include all the juices you like, just make sure they’re vegetable juice and not fruit. Fruit has too much fructose, the sugar in fruit once it has been separated from its fibre. Also, drink them at room temperature; so of course, don’t add ice. If you do the cleanse for more than a day, perhaps consider adding some other things to your juice: chia seeds to keep your blood sugar balanced and to help keep you feeling full for longer, spirulina or a blend of micro algae to aid liver detox and give you protein.

How long would I have to do it to notice the benefits? 

You’ll notice the benefits immediately. The whole day you will feel clean, light and clear. Doing this regularly, or even including juices each day (away from meals) will bring much improved liver and digestive health along with all the benefits of the individual nutrients in each vegetable.

Which juices are best to drink?

Juice things like kale, carrot, ginger, celery, beetroot, coconut, spinach, parsley and wheatgrass.

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