Headaches: can a chiropractor help?

When headaches strike, our instinct is to reach for a painkiller. But there is evidence chiropractic care could be an effective treatment.

Dr Helen Alevaki from the Chiropractors Association of Australia says too many people suffer headaches without knowing that effective health care can reduce their pain.

Headaches are a symptom, and symptoms are a way for your body to let you know something isn’t right,” she says. “Regular headaches are a sign you should seek help from a health professional.

“Chiropractors can assess the causes of headaches and provide appropriate treatment, including chiropractic adjustments and advice on nutrition, posture, ergonomics, exercises and lifestyle.”

Other ways to reduce frequency of headaches are to stay hydrated, focus on good posture, do gentle stretches and maintain a relaxed jaw.

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