3 yoga poses for posture and vitality

Improve your health with tips from John Ogilvie of Byron Yoga Centre

Try these three yoga poses for posture, vitality and glow!

1. Legs up the wall

For beginners and those with neck injuries, try Viparita Karani – othwerwise known as legs up against the wall pose, or the fountain of youth pose (first image). Inversions are beneficial to the endocrine system (the body system responsible for making hormones) and that boosts happiness levels.And when you’re happy, you feel and look more beautiful.

2.Camel pose

Ustrasana is many yogis’ favourite backbend (second picture). Beginners can hold their heels, and the more advanced can wrap their hands around the soles of the feet, holding the pose for longer. This pose stretches all the major muscles in the body, working specifically to tone the thighs and abdomen, stimulate digestion and elimination, and improve posture so you’ll glow with confidence.

3. Shoulder Stand

Inversion yoga poses, such as shoulder stands (Salamba Sarvangasana), slow the signs of ageing (third picture). They reverse the flow of blood and energy, nourish organs, stimulate circulation and boost the immune system, giving the body a chance to rejuvenate by reversing gravity. This means younger looking skin and a healthier internal environment.

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