4 natural remedies for acne

With Janella Purcell

Acne tends to be a combination of a clogged liver and anxiety.

1. Detox your liver

The first thing to do is reduce the burden on your liver by giving your major organ of detox less work to do. You may consider going organic in the food you eat and the cosmetics you’re using. This would be a great start.

2. Meditate

Find a technique that will help you manage the stress in your life. I’m a fan of a daily meditation practice, so if this resonates with you, find a teacher or a guided meditation CD. There are plenty of free meditations available on the internet.

3. Exercise frequently

Exercise is an essential part of health and happiness, so find something that suits you whether it is yoga, tai chi, ocean swimming, running, bush walking or belly dancing. Whatever you choose, make it regular and enjoyable, and work up a sweat.

4. Eat spirulina

Spirulina is an exceptional food to help reduce acne as it has a cooling effect on a ‘hot’ liver, plus it’s packed with essential nutrients. I like the Lifestream brand, as it is higher in these nutrients than others. Put it in a smoothie with coconut water, paw paw, kale and berries, or any other fruit or vegie high in antioxidants and vitamin A, then add some manuka honey if you like.

Its antibacterial properties will help reduce the acne also. Finally, aloe vera will be a lovely cooling gel to apply as a mask once or twice a week. Get the spray from your health food store (or buy one online), or use the pulp from the fresh leaf.

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