10 tips to overcome shyness

We ask Dr Hyde for help

Struggle to overcome shyness? Dr Hyde suggests following these steps to become more confident in social situations.

1. Remember that while you believe people are negatively evaluating you, this is seldom the case. Most people are focused on what they are saying, doing, and thinking rather than on you.

2. Look for evidence that other people are not judging you negatively. Make sure you base your perspective in reality, not fear.

3. Focus on the other person in social interactions.

4. Remember your physical reactions to anxiety (such as sweating or trembling) are rarely visible to others.

5. You react more physically if you focus on your physical symptoms. Tune in to what the other person is saying and feeling instead.

6. Make a list of anxiety-provoking situations and grade them from easiest to hardest. Starting with the easiest, practise each one repeatedly before moving to the next one to help reduce your anxiety in these situations.

7. Try to see others as whole people instead of selecting the qualities you think make them better than you.

8. Notice your own positive qualities and acknowledge their benefits.

9. Do you judge others the way you fear they will judge you? If so, be compassionate with them and this will come back to you.

10. Treat yourself as you would a loved friend or child. Be kind when you don’t live up to the excessive ideals you hold for yourself.

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