10 relationship types to avoid

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Toxic types are not always easy to spot, explains author Josephine Collins

“Negative, destructive relationships can be bad for us in many ways, leading to feelings of stress and self-sabotage,” says Josephine Collins, author of Detox for Life.

“However, toxic types are not always easy to spot, especially if we are not looking for them. In fact, some relationships appear to be functioning well, when in reality they are doing just the opposite.”

“They masquerade as beneficial, but in truth are detrimental to our wellbeing. These are the people who often drain our energy and damage our self-esteem. They may be critical when they should be supportive, put us down with veiled insults and sly remarks, or manipulate us to suit their own agenda,” she says.

10 toxic types:

1. the Criticiser: puts you down and enjoys making you feel inferior

2. the User: hangs around while you’ve got something they want but disappears when something better pops up

3. the Dominator: likes to be the boss and doesn’t like their opinions questioned

4. the Whiner: likes to point out problems but not so interested in solutions

5. the Insulter: acts like they’re on your side but makes underhanded insults

6. the Game Player: likes to stir up trouble

7. the Competitor: always has to win

8. the Discloser: likes to uncover and reveal your secrets

9. the Manipulator: will go to great lengths to control you

10. the Betrayer: sucks you in, then betrays you when you least expect it.


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