Detox for weight loss

Kellie Ashton explains the importance of a proper detox when losing weight and staying healthy. ...

Nutrients for a healthy heart

Protect yourself from heart disease

Penny Lara shares her top nutrition tips. ...

5 strange ways to stay healthy

Surprising health boosters

You’re well aware of what it takes to be healthy. Eat clean foods, exercise and sleep. But have you ever thought of these ways to avoid disease, stay strong and live longer? ...

Liver cleanse: is it for you?

We quiz The Liver Doctor, Sandra Cabot

Find out the importance of maintaining balance in your diet and lifestyle all year round, without the restriction of diets or the guilt that comes with overindulgence ...

Natural insect repellent

Try this homemade remedy

Janine McClelland, homeopath and managing director of natural healthcare clinic, The Remedy Group in Melbourne, recommends we try natural options for minor travel ailments rather than always reaching for the pharmaceuticals ...

10 tips for a healthy spine

Victorian wellness chiropractor Michael Bloom shares his top tips

Your spine is a channel for communication between your brain and the rest of your body, so it’s vitally important you keep it as healthy as possible. ...

How to deal with bad breath

It could be as simple as a trip to the dentist!

Dr. McCoy and naturopath Caroline Robertson come to the rescue ...

Is it worth doing a juice cleanse?

Expert Janella Purcell answers your FAQs

It’s a good idea to give your body a break now and then. I don’t mean an extreme detox, but just lighten the load a little ...

From cancer to wellness

How one woman overcame terminal cancer

Can natural, holistic methods help fight cancer? One reader shares her inspirational story. ...

10 cancer-fighting foods

Cancer surviver Kristine Matheson shares her secrets

Kristine Matheson survived terminal cancer with the help of holistic, natural remedies. Here, she shares her top diet tips ...

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